Corentus Team Coach and Consultant

Lisa is an advanced leadership coach and culture change consultant who believes that results—and people—matter.

Growing up in a factory town where a whistle signaled shift changes for the crews, Lisa's family life was centered on Uniroyal Chemical, Inc.; the experience shaped her beliefs of what it means to be part of a company. From being an ex-pat family in Rome, Italy when her Dad was transferred, to witnessing the effects of a leveraged buy-out on both the town and her family, Lisa learned that companies grow, decline, and take along the communities and careers that form inside them—and out. Lisa believes that forward movement is crucial to success and loves the chance to help companies and people achieve goals and fulfill the promise of their potential. She brings these beliefs to her work every day with leaders who want to be a magnet for attracting great talent and a positive force in creating a great company culture.

Lisa has worked with hundreds of manager/leaders in a variety of industries and sectors, including biopharmaceutical, investment management and financial services, retail, and academia. Clients say they value her energy and insight. Lisa is a Steering Committee member of the Executive Development Roundtable of Boston University. She’s served as coach and facilitator in the Harvard Business School Accelerated Management Program (AMP) as well as moderator for executive education programs at Harvard Business Publishing. In 2014, Lisa was chosen to help design the first management development program of the Clinton Healthcare Access Initiative. In support of her work on culture and leadership, Lisa has studied at the Hofstede Centre of the Netherlands on organizational culture, cross-culture communication, and change management in support of her work in consulting to executives around the globe.

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